On this website you'll find information about the solar-powered e-bike charging station that will be built on the campus of Delft University of Technology. The station will draw the power needed to charge the e-vehicles mostly from the solar panels. This station consists of power electronics to manage power between the solar panels, the station batteries, the grid and all the connected vehicles.

The station is able to charge e-bikes both wired and wirelessly, as well as e-scooters. The station also has a weather station to monitor the outside climate. Furthermore, the system has a number of temperature sensors to monitor the temperature levels of the solar panels.

The Victron Phoenix MultiPlus 48/3000 is used to charge and monitor the 4 220Ah batteries that are used to store the energy captured by the solar panels. Even when the sunlight disappears (which seems to happen quite a lot in the Netherlands), your e-bike will be charged due to this system.
On the side of the solar powered e-bike charging station 8 Sunpower X20-327-BLK solar panels are placed each capable of outputting 327W of power. The solar panels are placed at an angle of 51° so that even during the winter period, the panels can harvest the most amount of energy from the sun.
On top of the solar powered e-bike charging station a WS503-UMB smart weather station will monitor the weather. Inside the reservation application and on the local screen of the station, the current weather data can be seen.
Inside the solar powered e-bike charging station an ODROID C1+ mini computer is responsible for the monitoring of the system. Furthermore the ODROID will switch on your charger if the reserve button is pressed in the reservation application.